Creating Hope

Experiencing Creating Hope Society: Danielle Sehn

Danielle spent some time with us during her practicum. She share with us her experience:


One of the major learnings that I gained from my time as a practicum student with Creating Hope Society (CHS) was an understanding of the importance of engaging in advocacy. Being placed with a family liaison through the Aboriginal Mothers Advocacy Project (AMAP) allowed me to gain insight into advocacy on an individual level. During my time in AMAP, I was able to critically evaluate skills utilized in building relationships and observe my supervisor speak up in meetings to ensure the voice and needs of CHS’ service users were addressed. This role allowed me to gain an understanding of the importance of a client-centered practice. Having an understanding of policy (specifically the Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act) was essential for practicing advocacy on an individual level and allowed us to advise service users on their rights. An understanding of policy and my time at CHS also allowed me to gain an understanding of the importance of engaging in advocacy at a systemic level. My time at CHS allowed me to reflect upon the ongoing relationship between colonization, the Social Work profession, and Indigenous communities. The practicum has impacted my professional identity as it has increased my awareness to the importance of engaging in decolonization in my practice.

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