Who We Are

Creating Hope Society is a non-profit society established to recognize that the sixties and seventies child welfare scoop of Aboriginal children is a continuation of the Residential Schools era. We believe that it is time to halt the cycle of Aboriginal children being separated from their families and communities.

Why We Are Doing This

Creating Hope Society is carrying forward a healing process, commenced for Residential School survivors, to those who are products of a Child Welfare system that has perpetuated the legacy of the Residential Schools.


We create hope for positive change, mend hearts, and contribute to reconciliation through healing the impacts of intergenerational trauma and reconnecting with culture and community.


A safe and just society for all Indigenous Peoples.


  • To build on the resiliency of survivors
  • To not forget the past but look forward
  • To learn and acknowledge the past and move forward

Charitable Registration Number: 859361123RR0001

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