Kokums bannock and tea participants will experience:

  •  Promotion of child development (physical, cognitive, social, emotional) including language through verbal and visual interaction
  •  Understanding family traditions and traditional practices through the intergenerational transfer of knowledge

Kokum’s Bannock and Tea will use traditional teachings given to our families prior to colonization. The participants will learn teachings which include the traditional medicine wheel, teepee teachings, grandfather teachings and other teachings. Participation is encouraged by participants who join us for this experience our kokum’s and mosum’s would have taught us.

Traditionally we would have been taught with hands on from our Elders who were held in high esteem within our families.

The teachings we will offer with Kokum’s Bannock and Tea will be taught from the knowledge keepers from Treaty 6, 7, and 8. Our intention is not to offend anyone during these teachings as we were all taught differently.

In the First Nation culture there is no universal teachings however some of the medicines are universal such as kistemaw (tobacco in Cree) which most first nation’s people use in ceremony.

The course will be offered 4 times a year with 10 sessions with 2 hour intervals per topic. The facilitator will use traditional teachings during each session and have activities for the participants plus we will distributing traditional recipes to share with the participants