The YEP Cultural program operated through Creating Hope Society collaborates with the working group known as ‘Wapekin’ which includes: Paul First Nation, Edmonton Child and Family Services, McMan Youth Family and Community Services Association and Native Counselling Services of Alberta. The program works toward increasing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and confidence that will help reduce the risks of youths participating in unhealthy criminal and/or violent behavior and/or substance abuse while encouraging positive leadership for youth, their peers and their families.

What does the program do?

  • Provides individual and group supports, such as one-on-one support or family sharing circles
  • Provides in-school support and programming
  • Promotes the building of healthy lifestyles and having healthy relationships between participants and their families
  • Assists in nurturing and supporting children, youth and families to strengthen their cultural identities and what it means to be Indigenous
  • Supports children, youth and families to look after their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being