The “Learning our Indigenous History” intends to merge components of both adult and family literacy that would include adults, parent(s) / Caregivers, children and youth.

The objective of the program is to reach Indigenous people in contributing their personal history and stories and further understanding of their relationship to Indigenous history and culture. The program intends to equip learners with tools to share, collect, and record stories and to support Indigenous adults to build capacity in literacy and support social interaction. Through the sharing and telling of stories, we want to recognize and validate the experiences and histories of participants.

Family Literacy is an intergenerational education program that integrates adult literacy instruction and early childhood education for under-educated families. The program has four (4) essential elements including basic skills instruction for the children’s parents, parent and child time together to share in learning experiences, and parent education and support groups.

The program is designed to meet social and emotional outcomes as well as to develop intellectual skills that would include practicing reading skills, writing skills, and increase their vocabulary.

Due to COVID-19 this program will be held virtually on Zoom for 10 weeks. The project will conduct two (2) ten-week workshops with approximately 20 learners in each group.

For more information or to register please email or call 780-477-7961.