Creating Hope

Creating Hope for the Future: A Gathering

The Sixties Scoop is a term that refers to a phenomenon in Canada, beginning in the 1960s and carrying on until the 1970s, of unusually high numbers of Aboriginal children apprehended from their families and fostered or adopted out, usually into non-Aboriginal families. These children have since articulated their sense of loss: loss of their cultural identity, lost contact with their birth families, barred access from medical histories and for status Indian children, loss of their status.

Creating Hope for the Future: A Gathering has now entered our history records. We had tremendous response and even greater participation in the Sharing Circles. Thank you so very much to all those who showed great courage in the circles. New friendships were formed, partnerships initiated and a ‘family’ was born. Please keep our site bookmarked – we will post some information and photos from the Gathering as soon as possible.

Our vision to engage in a process of reconciliation that will allow Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal caregivers to arrive at a new place of understanding child welfare, that will end forever, its historically devastating impacts.  

Where do we go next? We have had requests from the province of British Columbia and Saskatchewan to host the next Sixties Scoop Gathering. Let us hear from you.


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