Creating Hope Society has put together the Moccasins in Motion Youth Mentorship Program to create exciting experiences, build new relationships, as well as build upon the strength and resilience of youth participants that encourages individual capacity-building while promoting collective resilience among Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. The program is offered to Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth between the ages of 13-15 in four different junior high schools throughout Edmonton. The mentorship program includes field trips, cultural teachings and traditional arts and crafts, as well as interactive learning activities that will include topics based on Indigenous history. The focus of the mentorship program is to have the youth create a foundation for peer-to-peer and healthy relationship supports while addressing topics in relation to human rights and racism awareness. Through these ongoing educational opportunities, the goal is to empower the youth by educating on Indigenous history as well as how we can help support the youth in cultural reclamation and revitalization by exposure to different methods of teaching through an Indigenous focused lens and perspective.