This program was designed to provide an opportunity to youth to gain personal, traditional, and Cree language skill development. It was designed to encourage self-awareness and empowerment for youth. It was also designed to encompass both worlds that Nehiyaw youth face in their daily lives.

The overall goal of the Youth Mentorship Program is to enhance youth’s cultural language, knowledge, leadership, communication and self-presentation skills while supporting them in becoming mentors and role models to their peers and younger generation. The program follows the “Circle of Courage Model” which is based on the principles of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. Elders are an essential part of the program to assist youth in reconnecting with their culture through sharing circles, smudging, and basic Cree language and traditional teachings.

COVID-19 created challenges for us, but as an organization we preserved and reached out to our community, youths and elders to develop and produce a documentary. The documentary will be developed in Cree by the youth, telling stories about their experience and journey towards language revitalization and reconciliation. Through this process, it will enhance the youth’s knowledge and skills about their history and cultural learnings.