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Alberta is currently in Phase 2 and Alberta Education has set out their Return to School Plan.

It has been recommended that the preferred option for children in care, is that they return to In-Class Learning this fall as it is best for their overall health and well-being.

2 possible return to school scenarios:

  • In-Class Learning – students return to class physically with extra health protection measures (preferred scenario)
  • At-Home Learning – some school divisions offer this option and it is provided by the child’s school and their regular teachers – this is different than homeschooling (requires manager approval)

***not all school divisions will offer at-home learning

If caseworkers and/or caregivers have concerns regarding the Return to School Plan they should speak with the individual school regarding their concerns and explore the options available.

Children between the ages of 6 and 16 are legally required to attend school.

Decisions about a child in care’s schooling and its method of delivery are not delegated to caregivers, but are the responsibility of CI as the child’s guardian. The caregivers’ and other guardian’s input and opinions is valuable and will factor in the decision.

At-Home Learning is considered an EXCEPTION to a child physically returning to school.

  • any exception to children and youth in care physically returning to school requires a manager’s approval

Home Schooling (different than at-home learning) is generally not the option of choice for children in care due to the high demand on the caregiver as the educator.

Masks for School

  • grade 4 to 12 students must wear masks where physical distancing cannot be maintained (hallways, busses, etc)
  • masks are not required while students are seated in the classroom during instruction if physical distancing guidance is followed
  • masks are required in the classroom when close contact between students and staff is occurring
  • mask use for K to grade 3 is optional (some schools may require)
  • all students and staff will get 2 reusable masks
  • school staff will get one reusable face shield to use in schools – a mask must be worn with the face shield
  • exemptions will be made for students and staff unable to wear mask due to medical or other needs