“If fathers were recognized as Parents, there would be less children in care!” Bernadette Iahtail

Aboriginal Fathers Love Their Children Too! Aboriginal fathers continue to be discriminated against, and that is in many respects a consequence of systemic racism within the child welfare system. Aboriginal fathers are often excluded from “family meetings”, and even when they are included they feel misunderstood, belittled and not respected in their interactions with child welfare workers.

Creating Hope Society collaborated with fathers as well as a number of community partners to produce a comprehensive literature review, a 58 minute documentary film, and resource booklets (a general resource book for fathers and child welfare workers, and a second booklet on the rights of fathers and grandfathers).

“The film humanizes the people we are talking about. I feel I could connect with these guys at a heartfelt level.” Participant

This project was funded by Alberta Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund.

The documentary and resource booklets are now available for sale. Click here to purchase yours today.